Office & Home Cleaning Company in Salt Lake City & Ogden

Lyons Services now provides cleaning services to all of Ogden, Salt Lake City, and the surrounding areas. Our team is fully licensed and insured for both commercial and residential cleaning services. Whether you are too tired or busy to clean your home or need your office cleaned, we have the tools and knowledge to do the job right. Below we will list our cleaning service categories, so you can see which one matches your needs! If you need a cleaning service not listed, give us a call. Our team works closely with our clients to provide exceptional cleaning services.

Cleaning Service Categories

At Lyons Services, we want to provide our Ogden and Salt Lake City clients with the best cleaning services available. Below are our most common services and the categories that they are listed in.

We Label Our Cleaning Jobs By Category:
  • Category 1: Sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, wiping down surfaces, empty trash, clean baseboards, dusting, bathroom and kitchen basics. Easy access window cleaning ( inside only ), wiping down the fridge, stove and microwave.
  • Category 2: Includes Category 1 Plus - Steam cleaning carpets, clean out your fridge, etc.
  • Category 3: Deep cleaning a customers oven and stove, heavily soiled surfaces, cleaning out your pantry, attic and garage, we will pick up animal feces from within the house and your yard.
  • Category 4: If you have bio hazards around the house that are too much for you to handle.... such as: "Vomit, feces-"human and animal" , blood, etc. " We will clean that too.
  • Category 5: Your home has been completely destroyed on the inside by an act of the weather, a plumbing accident or if you have a major hoarders nightmare clean out.
  • Daily maid service: Category 1 and we will do your dishes, laundry and make your beds, etc.
Office Cleaning:
  • Cleaning of restrooms, vacuuming, light dusting, basic wipe down, or any requested need in the office for cleaning that is within reason.
  • Please let us know if there are any chemicals that you or your employees are allergic to.
  • We do everything from basic cleaning all the way up to HORRIFIC cleaning.
  • With enough notice we can even shampoo your carpets. However we cannot guarantee stains completely removed.
  • Our prices are very fair and competitive. (They are based upon the severity of the cleaning job itself.)
  • Call us as soon as possible for an appointment so we can give you a great cleaning experience.

With enough notice, we can even shampoo your carpets. However, we cannot guarantee stains completely removed. Please let us know if there are any chemicals that you or your employees are allergic to so that we do not use those products. Our prices are very fair and competitive and based on the level of cleaning needed. Call us today to set up an appointment for a great cleaning experience.